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Custom Voyager Features

Providing everything needed to launch a successful virtual experience



A fully customisable online registration system that includes unique identifier processes to allow participant movements and interactions to be tracked once logged in to the experience. Providing valuable data that can be used for statistical reporting to inform targeted marketing and communications.



Schedule push notifications, target and inform attendees and prominently display sponsors. Extended post experience engagement with pre-recorded video content, surveys and event summary.

360 Experience Hub

A bespoke 360 experience space that is built from the ground up and tailored to a company’s brand identity. Bringing audiences into a photo realistic and easily navigational 3D environment that forms the central staging hub for the experience. An interactive floorplan and customised UI design provide intuitive navigation to all engagement zones within the platform.


360 Exhibitor Booths

Each exhibition booth is designed with the specific requirements of the exhibitor and tailored for instant identity by using the exhibiting company’s brand guidelines and corporate graphics. View documents, video content, provide direct links to social media platforms, schedule meetings, communicate via live chat or set up live video chat functionality with moderated Q&A for a truly interactive experience.


Live & Pre-Recorded Content

Keynote presentations, panel sessions and Q&A. Let the audience be immersed during the experience with live or pre-recorded broadcast presentations, discussions or moderated Q&A sessions. All viewed within the virtual space and streamed or pre-recorded from a studio, auditorium or home environment.


Virtual Networking

Allowing your attendees to interact during their online experience, both on a 1:1 basis and as part of group chats. Delivering engagement while we are unable to physically meet. Creating networking rules and search criteria between attendees – helping connect your audience with the people they want to and allowing those attendees and exhibitors to schedule meetings.

Statistics and Reporting

Understand what has been going on during the experience and measure its success against ROI parameters. Data is collated behind the scenes and linked to our unique tracking system. Analytics can then be provided on the specific interactions each attendee made, and the time spent whilst immersed within the virtual experience.

custom voyager

Every Experience is Bespoke

Ease of Use and Management

Helping you where you need it most

Custom Voyager is designed to offer a completely immersive and bespoke platform specifically tailored to suit your individual requirements. Incorporating multiple user experiences from chat rooms, exhibition halls, conference & seminar theatres, demo rooms, party areas and more.

The team behind Custom Voyager have a wealth of experience ranging from creative design, event management, software development, marketing, SEO, social media engagement and content creation. Working with Custom Voyager means you can be assured of a full support package from a team of industry professionals.

As this is fully customisable, our team will ensure the deliverables you want are met. We will work with you on timetables for these, confirm execution stages through the planning and then additionally we can add specific metrics for you to monitor activity, chat attendance, booth visits, session attendances and general participation in features.

Delivering you your vision, your personalised end to end experience.

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Custom Voyager works across all devices

From smart phones to televisions

works across all devices
custom voyager

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